A trading robot with continuous self-optimization, self-updating and using neural networks.
The robot is constantly in touch with our servers. We have written our own communication protocol, so you don't have to worry about security.

Project ISIDA

Modern technologies

You will feel the difference between our robot and the rest

Forex Expert

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Unique algorithms, combinations and modes

EA Advisor

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Prices and equipment for the product

The advisor can include different functions, we have identified the three most popular plans for purchasing a robot.



1 strategy to choose

Own telegram bot

Unlimited work

Strategy Accelerator 



3 strategy to choose

Own telegram bot

Unlimited work

Strategy Accelerator



9 strategy to choose

Own telegram bot

Unlimited work

Strategy Accelerator 

*You can agree on a package that will be most beneficial for you, please fill out the form feedbaack

Reliable VPS hosting

Our main capacities are located on hosting servers, data centers are used geographically in the Netherlands, using the server data you get:


Our servers have been working without interruption for several years, you don't have to worry - the robot will work without interruption.


Since your VPS server will be located in the same data center as our servers, the connection speed will be maximum.

Forex vps

Financial expert opinion

Financial expert

Ali Khorram

In the current market relationship, a person must learn to find ways to maintain and improve his financial condition, structure and form a financial portfolio from a variety of products, in this case he will be most secure from most financial shocks in certain industries.
We are moving away from the model when a person entrusted his capital to financial institutions; now he makes decisions himself, thereby influencing the market and changing its laws and rules.


Choosing a broker

The choice of a broker must be approached as responsibly as possible, among the many we have selected the best. We recommend opening an account with the Roboforex broker using our partner link to get the most favorable trading conditions. Please click on RoboForex - registration of a personal account to register your personal account with this broker or enter the code of the partner you have attracted when opening an account: qbem

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